Simple Way to Keep a Pain Diary

Another acronym used to refer to a pain dairy is pain journal. A pain journal enables an individual to note down any detail concerning the pain. This may include the cause of the pain which includes cancer or fibromyalgia. A pain journal is similar to a personalized diary. An individual is able to record their pain using a scale of 1-10. This will include the medications taken to relieve it like tramadol, the activity you were engaging in during the start of the pain, the intensity of the pain, the affected body part and the time the pain began. Buy tramadol online as it is long lasting and works effectively. Some simple ways to keep a pain dairy include:


1. Provide adequate information about the pain.

This helps in in identifying the patterns in the severity and frequency of the pain. It also enables a doctor to make the right diagnosis. Some of the information includes:

The time/date it began and ended: Some pains tend to last for some days. 

Signs to warn of a pain: some of them are usually preceded by symptoms like irritability, stiffness of the neck and visual problems. It is also not a guarantee for an individual to experience the above symptoms.

Severity, type and location of the pain: ensure you provide the right description of the location of the pain. Use words such as killing, blinding, splitting, pounding or throbbing. Rate the severity using a scale of 1-10.

Impact of the pain: write down if it was debilitating or whether your body functioned normally.


2. Give information on likely triggers.

Pain is usually triggered or linked to a various factors. They include particular activities, diet, or sleep. The causes vary from one individual to another. It is therefore essential to note down the specific cause of the pain. 

Record any medications administered before the pain occurred: this includes nutritional and herbal supplements as well as non-prescription and prescription drugs. A doctor could prescribe tramadol in order to ease the pain. You could choose to buy tramadol online.

Amount of sleep: write down the time you went to sleep a night before the pain began, and the time you woke up. You could choose to include the quality of sleep.

Activities: record the activities you engaged in when the migraine or pain began. 

Record the medication: preventive drugs are usually prescribed when one has pain. It takes time to determine the medicine that will work best for an individual. This is why it is crucial to note down the current medications and the time you took them.


3. Record each episode of pain. 

One should record in the dairy each time they experience pain. This includes whether it is severe or not. Ensure you are faithful and thorough as much as possible.


4. Note the patterns.

More entries in the dairy will enable you to determine the patterns in the effectiveness of treatment or triggers. This makes it possible to identify the cause after a few episodes.


5. Disengage from likely causes.

After identifying the cause of pain, it is recommended that one avoids the particular situation, activity, or food.


It is important take note of a particular medication that helped ease your pain. This is because you could use it again.

Types of Anxiety Attacks

Fear is an emotion and like all other emotions, it can be induced by someone or something. While people have different ways of treating fear, there are also so many ways of inducing it. There are several substances that can be used to induce fear.


When a type of sound can cause doors and windows or other things in a room to vibrate, they can be surely be scary to people. Infrasound is below 20 Hz hence they are very disturbing to the human ear. They are very strange sounds that people are not used to on a daily basis and they can induce a lot of fear especially when someone is alone. Although there is no scientific evidence to explain how infrasound makes people scared, several researchers have proven that infrasound is used for hauntings. Just stay alone in a room with speakers that have a sound less than 20 Hz and you will feel like ghosts are about to enter the room. Even in movies, ghostly scenes are enhanced by infrasound.

Noxious smell

There are several types of smells that people find to be very toxic. These smells are usually feared because people associate bad things with them. For instance, the smell associated with hospital and drugs is always scary to most people. It has been known that if you want to scare many people at once, just put a stink bomb in a place where they will all be there like an assembly hall or a café. Most of them will not wonder what it is but will be scared of what it might do to them.


Most people recognize this hormone with feeling romantic. However, when it is induced in the wrong part of the brain it can bring feelings of fear and anxiety. Dreadful feelings fear and anxiety can be brought about by dopamine if it slips to the back part of the brain. In your brain, there is a very small distance between terror and pleasure. This means that whatever is meant to bring terror can cause pleasure if a little mistake is made and what brings pleasure can also cause fear and terror. The small distance between the two emotions makes I very easy to use dopamine to induce fear.

When you use these substances to induce fear whether intentionally or accidentally, there are several methods you can use to calm the fear down. Most people prefer to buy Xanax online to help reduce anxiety. If you buy Xanax online, you will have chance to treat your fears. Klonopin and Xanax can also be used to reduce panic attacks. Most panic attacks are usually a result of fear or anxiety and hence people prefer to buy klonopin online to help themselves in case the panic attacks occur.  If you want to know how to get prescribed xanax, there are several sites that you can buy Xanax online from and you need to be careful so as to get the right drugs. Buying drugs online can be very hectic so you need to do your research before you decide which online shop is trustworthy and effective.